There is something sweet about a craft party.

A lovely little group of crafty girls coming together to celebrate a birthday and to make things...what a great combination! We had a blast when my friend Krista Salmon and her husband Mike rented a party bus, loaded up a gang if giggling gals and made their way to the studio for an afternoon of glitter, fun and some serious crafting.. I don't  do birthday parties very often but when I do, I cannot help getting caught up in all if the crazy glitter fun! Are the photos fab? The talented Cydney from Afton Photography did an amazing job capturing the entire afternoon of fun!

My second book and a giveaway!

  Yay, Yasemin Mosby, you are the winner of a copy of my new book!!

Last week was a great week! The mailman delivered my stack of We Love to Sew Bedrooms! I have been so excited for the release of my second book and was thrilled to be able to have a really good look at the finished product.
This book was a labor of love for me and I enjoyed every minute of putting together a book for girls to be able to create their own spaces. With Pinterest and all the great online magazines out there, tweens and teens are becoming really interested in creating their own sense of style, not only in how they dress, but also how their space looks. I tried really hard to create projects to inspire them in this!

I also feel so fortunate to have had the lovely Denyse Schmidt write such a sweet message to all those creative kids out there! Her story of growing up with clever, crafty and resourceful parents will be sure to make you smile. I love how she calls my book a "book of ideas- a starting point for your own individual style" That is exactly what it is...It is meant to inspire kids to be who they want to be...and that is a great thing!

I have a signed copy to give away! All you need to do is leave a comment and I will select a winner on April 1!

Time to get Creative!!

As most of you know, last year I filmed 5 crafty video workshops with Creativebug! It was so much fun, Ruby and I loved every minute. Well here is the exciting thing about Creativebug, now you can subscribe to the website and watch as many videos as you like for one price of $9.95 per month. That is like 2 lattes and a people magazine!

I will be giving them as gifts this year for all my crafty should too!

I am especially excited to take Lisa Congdon's line drawing class this March...I am such a fan!


                                  Creative Video Workshops on

Palm Springs Crafting.....Kids edition

I am just back from a wonderful week (and a bit) in dreamy Palm Springs. I was so lucky to be teaching at both the Heather Ross Mother daughter craft/sewing weekend but also the craft/sewing weekend for the grown ups!

What can  say about the Mother daughter was just fantastic!
9 sweet girls and their mothers arrived at the Ace Hotel to craft and sew away the weekend with the lovely Jodie Levine, Heather and I. Janome were kind enough to provide us with the most amazing sewing machines ever! The memory craft 8900 was unbelieveable. And don't get me started on the Cameo Silhouette machine that we were lucky enough to work with!

We worked on cross body bags and cut paper chandeliers, embroidered pets and felt flower ponchos....I was able to teach with some of my favorite people and watch these girls jump into every project with excitement!

 My favorite part had to be that after every project, they would wear whatever they had made. At the end of the weekend, these girls were wearing EVERYTHING all at the same proud of their handiwork!

Can't wait until next year!

The year in a nutshell.

2013 was quite a year for Little Pincushion Studio and my little sewing classes. In the space of 12 months, my first book was released; I finished work on my second and am now halfway through my third. Now that I type it I cannot quite believe it is true (no wonder I am exhausted!)

I filmed some fun sewing classes with Creativebug…something I had wanted to do for the longest time! The videos they make are so beautiful and I am so excited to be involved with them!

 I went home for a long overdue visit with family and the best friends a girl could ask for.

My kids grew…….a lot!!

My hubbie became the best chef, laundry manager and all around house-husband (on top of his full time job) to help me get it all done. 

I have made some amazing new friends whose emails, kind words, sweet gestures and choc chip cookies have brightened my days. All in all, it was an amazing year!

2014 is already shaping up to be a great one! Many, many new kids are coming through the studio doors and I truly love every minute of teaching them every day.

My new year’s resolution is to enjoy every single day and appreciate every little opportunity. Oh and also to blog a little more frequently!

Happy 2014 friends!

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