My week at Penland...

Maximalist Embroidery with Rebecca Ringquist at Penland School of Craft.....a week in North Carolina and newly inspired! Being surrounded by such a wonderful group of creative people was just the retreat that I needed.
Not only is Rebecca jaw dropping talented...she is also one of the sweetest gals around. If you are in Virginia, run! don't walk to her exhibition at James Madison University. Check out her blog and take a look at her amazing work.

Rebecca's amazing samplers


The beginning of something..

working from sketches

each so very different!


heaven in the mountains!


finished work

the amazing vicki!

work by Maureen Kathleen Iverson!

The amazing Rebecca!

Galen and Maureen



Margery said...

It WAS a terrific week at Penland and such a treat to meet you there Annabel - I hope our paths will cross again. I'm trying to catch up with reading your blog posts, really enjoying them. This past Saturday my daughter and I hosted our second "annual" Christmas Craft Party - it involved a lot of glitter, which I am still sweeping up!

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