Bye Bye Summer

Seriously, where did the Summer go?

At the end of a flurry of Camps in June, it was off to The Catskills to spend a glorious month recharging. It took a little while to be OK with stopping, I am so used to always doing something, always working, making, teaching... Well I did discover jam making, thanks to my friend Maggie Brown, jam maker extraordinaire.

It started with me asking her to teach a jam making class as a birthday gift for my very special friend, Diane. It ended up with my total obsession and daily jam making habit. I travelled all over the place sourcing the sweetest local peaches and berries and enjoyed the slow process of creating sparkling bottles of yum to enjoy all year round. There was actually something pretty therapeutic about the whole process. 

My favorite had to be my Blueberry jam made from the bounty of Blueberries picked from the edge of the lake while balancing precariously on a paddle board and also from a mother load haul with my sweet friend Heather Ross, her daughter Bee and my daughter, Ruby.

From my daily hikes and mountain biking to the quiet time sitting in a chair with a good book it was just what I needed to be able to come home and jump in headfirst to the Fall. 

Classes start today and I am super excited to see all of the new girls coming through the Studio doors. With my latest book deadline in 2 weeks, many new classes and an action packed Fall ahead, I am excited to see what else the future holds!