Paper piecing love - Animal Quilts.

I love paper piecing! I would say that it is definitely my favorite form of piecing. There is a certain precision that paper piecing gives that is hard to achieve in traditional quilt piecing. Its also a technique that I can't rush - Thats a good thing!

I have always been stalking (in a good way) the work of Juliet Van De Heijden alias @Tartankiwi and when I saw her posting some sneaky peeks of her upcoming book and in particular the Night Owl quilt I was literally freaking out and had to immediately pre order a copy! I knew that I just had to make that Owl and was counting down the days until the book release!

  Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was contacted to make a project from her book for the Animal Quilts Blog Hop. Talk about a dream come true! 

When it came to making it I was surprised at the scale, it is large but not so large that it is challenging to work with.

My first step is always to select my color palette. I choose my fabric colors and create a swatch page for reference. I then roughly match each color with a marker and color a little swatch on each section of the main pieces. This really helps keep things on track and stops me from making mistakes when I am sewing and watching Netflix at the same time!

When it comes to sewing the sections together I will often baste major seams just to check that things are lined up well. there is nothing worse that seam ripping a seam of tiny stitches, It is so easy for things to shift when sewing that basting acts as a safeguard!


Putting this quilt together was fairly simple and just requires patience and a good podcast and you will absolutely love the results! I used rulers and a long arm to quilt the owl body and my sewing machine to quilt the background with a kind of matchstick wave. I loved how it turned out!


I absolutely cannot wait to get started on another  pattern from this book! You can find Animal Quilts here and pop over and take a closer look at Juliet's website,  The Tartan Kiwi.


Don't forget to visit Chris over at Made by Chrissie D for day 3 of the Blog Hop!

Happy Piecing!