Halloween…..Bring it on!!!!

Hailing from the beaches of Sydney,the smell and feel of  Fall in Virginia is something I cannot describe to my beloved friends back home.  That little feeling of joy and excitement in the pit of your stomach at the thoughts of a crackling fire, warm cider, bed socks and parties!

Listen, I am a total sucker for Fall! I am also a sucker for Halloween...

When I was a teenager, I remember dressing up once or twice, toilet papering some poor neighbors house and that was pretty much it. Since moving to the USA, I have delighted in the whole delicious experience  of Halloween. Anyone who knows me knows that I will take any opportunity to dress up....give me a costume party and I am there in a shot,  so you can imagine how excited I get about dressing not only myself,  but my home and my children in Halloween garb.( I have my eye on a red sari for this year…)

Last year I even threw a birthday party for my daughter with a Halloween theme...


So this year, thinking about some great ideas for a friend having a party, I came across this fabulous idea….perfect for children (and quite delicious for adults as well)

Thanks Eddie Ross!!