Work of Art

I Think that art is one of the most important things for children. Having the opportunity to create and use the imagination is absolutely one of the best things. I am inspired every day by the things I see, you can imagine how inspired our children are…they truly see things in a different way .
I guess in some ways I am an artist, fabric is my medium. But  I do dream of being a more traditional artist, learning to paint, draw, sculpt. So, you can imagine my excitement when two of my dearest friends opened the William Woodward School of Fine Art here in Warrenton.
Not only are William Woodward and Becky Parrish stunningly accomplished artists, they are also wonderful people and lucky for me, great friends.
I haven’t had a chance to sign up for a class yet , but let me assure you it is on the top of my Christmas wish list…….Hoping that when my classes slow down a little I will be able to get in there and learn some new skills…
I was also thrilled to look at their Holiday workshop offerings. So much to think about!  I think it is wonderful that they are offering a Kids Holiday painting workshop taught by Lindsey Dengel.I will definitely be sending one of my children to that one.Take a moment and look at their website

I was researching kids art and came across this fabulous piece. Above is the art from the 2002 Children's Art Exchange with China. Ten of the above pieces were sent to China and the remaining pieces are touring Michigan.
I was totally inspired by beauty of the children’s artwork…a patchwork masterpiece of creativity!!