Thinking of a softie challenge…

There is a great Australian blog that I adore called Meet Me at Mikes…it is also a store in Melbourne, Australia that I would love to own. Well, every year they put together this great project called Softies for Mirabel.

Here is what it is all about..

The Mirabel Foundation is based in Melbourne. Mirabel was set up by the amazing Jane Rowe. They do really important work providing help to kids who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their Mum or Dad's drug addiction. A lot of these kids end up in the care of grandparents (who may be elderly) or other extended family, and it is obviously a really sad and challenging time for everyone. Mirabel steps in and provides assistance and counselling in all sorts of practical, respectful and positive ways to help these families. They do VERY IMPORTANT work and we try to support them in a handmade way : as well as encouraging you to donate to Mirabel. It's really vital that we open our eyes to the experiences of these families. We must not turn away. I guess this project is one way to make a small difference and let these great kids know that they are not forgotten, and they are ace

and this is how it works..

The folks at Meet me at Mikes ask all of their readers and customers to spend a little time making a softie….my students have made many!!!

The softies are then sent to the store where they are each matched up with a child in need. Before the toys are distributed, they are on display in the store window for one week….fabulous.

This idea really made me start thinking about the children in my community…….Stay Tuned!!!