All of the fun…none of the frills.

I’ll admit it..I love frills. Any size, any kind , any color, shape or size. But here's the thing, I think I have to accept that my tween age students absolutely do NOT share my love of all things frilly.
Yes, they love some color and they sure love to add a bit of flair to their work but not in the form of frills. So when it came time to design a great tote, easy for the older girls to make but with a bit more difficulty than your everyday tote, the first thing that came to mind was pleats !
I have just used a pretty basic box pleat technique, it is super simple and just takes a little patience. We have made it just the right size for a laptop and their choice of reading….
I have used some super summery prints but you could easily change the look by using a more muted palette.
Check back soon for a tutorial on how to make the No Frills Tote.