Apples to Apples.

I am a total book lover. Fiction, Non fiction, you name it.

My craft and sewing book collection is rather large and very beautiful and I was thinking of a great way to have the books out at my fingertips and also looking great. Then it came to me, I just need a super cute set of Bookends. Off I went to the local antique shops, thrift shops and décor stores and I have to say,  I could not find anything that would work for my studio…they all seem kind of plain and utilitarian. Ha ! Why not make my own.Ok, fast foreword 2 days…that is how long it took me to make a pattern that created an apple shape. I made several tomatoes, a pepper and something resembling a strawberry before I finally hit pay dirt. Note to self…use muslin to make your patterns next time!!!

Anyone want a tomato bookend?

These cuties were inspired by my recent trip to the big Apple