The Art of the Silhouette..

I am a self confessed silhouette freak....

The art of silhouette cutting originated in Europe in the early 1700's.

Prior to the French revolution, silhouettists were hired as an
amusement for the royal class. The featured artist would attend the
many extravagant balls and cut out the distinguished profiles of the
Lords and Ladies capturing the latest fashions and elaborate wigs.

I love the simplicity of the design....I have seen so many fab modern versions that I felt inspired to bring to art of the silhouette to classes. The results were amazing.
I was so in love with the silhouette art in the Jonathan Adler store in Soho I had to think of a way to make it an exciting project for the children. The work below is by Carter Kustera, I love his modern twist on such a traditional art..

Below is our Little Pincushion version, what do you think?
I will be posting a tutorial for our silhouette pillows this week.