Felting away the day….

I’ll just say it…today I hit the wool sweater mother load!!!.  I have been feeling a little let down lately as my quest to find wool sweaters at all of my favorite thrift shops had proven fruitless. All I could find were 100% acrylic or crazy rayon, spandex, angora mixes. Not good when I have a million ideas in my head, all of which require felted wool, aaargh.

Feeling like it was a hopeless case I thought I would try my local Salvation Army one more time and BAM ! there they were, color coded perfection. Sure, 99% were not wool but there were a delicious 1% that were and let me tell you, I scooped those suckers up in record time…not to mention on sale. Don’t know why the desperate shoveling of sweaters in my cart..I mean, it is 80 degrees today .

Ok, now what to do with them hmmmm , stay tuned .