Not your Grandmas doily..

We all have them, or at least our Grandmothers do…..doilies!

Every thrift shop and antique store I go to has mountains of them…I never thought much of them until I went to a fab party where the table runner was made from vintage hand dyed doilies…I was in love! (thanks Alessandra)  I spent a few days hitting goodwill and antique stores to get my collection started, popped into Joann fabrics to peruse their supply of fabric dyes and went home to get to work. My favorites…Pearl grey by RIT , Olive green by Dylon and Fuschia by RIT.

Hmmm, probably should have invested in a good pair of rubber gloves….pink hands are not that attractive!

Once I had dyed the doilies, I had to face facts…I had no idea what to do with them. Then it came to me…why not use them to make a white tank top fabulous. I love how the details of the doily really comes out on the white background. This is a fun and simple project for any sewing level.