Flower Power.

I am loving the summery weather. I am also loving how my town erupts in color at this time of the year. One of my favorite things to do is work with flowers. My Friend Cammie of Porchlight Flowers sometimes asks me to help work on flowers from her studio in Jeffersonton, VA. I have to say, It really is so much fun. She offers the most amazing flower parties, a great chance to get together with friends and get creative..

I really love to incorporate flowers into my sewing class…sometimes the fabric kind can be just as gorgeous. Cut some out of  felt or fabric, cover a headband, thread in a necklace..so many ideas!

If I could get away with wearing a wreath of flowers every day I would be  pretty happy….think it is the hippy in me!!!!


shoe from darklamb via pinterest

vase from oncewed via pinterest

girl by color-collective via pinterest