Pop Works, Modern Crafting Workshops for Kids.

 I'm so excited to announce the launch of our new venture, Pop Works -a collaboration between Alessandra Gutierrez, of Lala's Pequenos, and myself. Founded on the idea that children should be encouraged to explore every bit of their creative energy, we set forth to design modern crafting, pop-up workshops for kids. These aren't your caterpillar out of egg cartons crafts! We'll explore the modern arts movement and it's influence on design, fashion, and music and pair it with an awesome craft influenced by the artists of the times.  Of course there will be lots of dancing, collaborating, and giggling and even spontaneous pop-up challenges! If you live in the Northern Virginia area, even DC and have a little one, check out the classes we've come up with: 
We're jumping into the world of Alexander Calder and his fantastical mobiles. His large, colorful sculptures have dazzled us into making our own! You'll get to take home your very own Calder mobile and say, "I made it!". 
What's that tick tock? Your clock!
We'll also make our way to the cool world of George Nelson. Yeah, the guy who invented the Bubble Lamp! We'll learn all about one of the founding fathers of American modernism and get all crafty making our Nelsonesque clock! A perfect workshop for both boys and girls! 
Take a trip through the colorful world of Marimekko! You'll learn all bout the famous fabric company and get to make your own Marimekko art. BIG and BOLD we'll be as we create colorful plates using special paints. It's all about using your creativity to interpret these amazing fabrics and make them your own!
We wouldn't leave it at that, there's another craft but we want to keep it a surprise!
You never know what will POP-UP in Marimekko Madness!
You'll be seeing stripes, dots, plaids, and flowers as we take you on a ride through the 60s. Looking back on era of self-expression we'll find our inspiration through the art, fashion and music of the Hippie movement. Then we'll learn all about how to mix and match your stripes and dots to create the coolest mosaic lamp shade for your room. You can take a little peace and love home!
Can't wait to start? I know! But your not off the magic carpet ride yet!
We'll also learn how to fashion the coolest, strapiest, hippiest belt to wear with...well, anything!
Of course with all our fantastic workshops, there will be lots of other cool surprises!
Pre-requisite for this class: must be able to make the peace sign with your fingers.

To find out about all the other classes visit our blog at popworkskids.blogspot.com 
We can't wait to see what they come up with!