Winter Chick Tutorial..

I was asked recently to come up with a fun and easy tutorial for kids for a local publication....of course I was super excited for the challenge! I wanted the project to be easy to make for kids of all ages, using things around the house.

Ball of Yarn
Tiny piece of felt and/or fabric scraps
2 large paper clips
2 black beads
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Using the widest part of your hand, wrap the yarn around your hand, about 70 times. Don’t let it get to tight, because then you’ll have a hard time getting it off of your hand.

Step 2: Carefully slide the yarn off of your hand, and pinch in the middle. Use a scrap of yarn to tie tightly in the middle of your yarn bundle. Make sure you tie it tightly.

Step 3: Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut through the yarn loops on both sides of the tie.

Step 4: You’re almost there!
You’re pom-pom probably looks a bit messy, now is the time for a little haircut! Trim your pom-pom down so it looks nice and even. Do the same with the second pom-pom, but just leave it a little bigger. (This will be the body.)

Step 5: Using your hot glue gun, (Ask for help if needed!) apply a couple of blobs of hot glue, to the top of the larger pom-pom, and carefully, attach the smaller pom-pom, (This is the head!)

Step 6: Take two large paperclips, and open them out as seen in the photograph. These will act as your chick’s legs. Apply just a little hot glue to the smaller end, and attach paperclip to the underside of your chick. Repeat this for the other leg.

Step 7: Cut a small diamond shape out of felt. This will be your bird’s beak! Fold it in half, and apply some glue to the fold. Now attach the beak to your bird.

 Step 8: Take two small black beads and use glue to attach them.

Step 9: Now cut a strip of felt or fabric approximately a ¼ of an inch wide, and 12 inches long.  With your scissors, create a little fringe at the ends of your strip. Tie it around the neck of your bird, and voila! You are done!

Great work! I knew you could do it! Now make these little birds for your friends and family, and spread a little cheer for these holidays.