Altitude Design Summit 2012.............

Gosh, where to begin with the amazing Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City! So many fabulous, creative women in one be honest I was a little intimidated.
From the amazing panels, to the parties and design workshops, Alt showed herself to be a beautiful and gracious hostess.
I was absolutely chin wobbly thrilled to meet the amazing and super sweet Amy Butler, my chin wobbled again when I met my idol, artist Lisa Congdon and I went gaga over the sight of Anya from Project Runway!
I feel like I walked away with a gaggle of new girlfriends, a bag full of precious business cards (also the most amazingly creative cards on the planet) and high hopes for my creative future...yay!!
Here are just a few of the amazing ladies I met
check out their awe inspiring blogs for yourself!

Liz Stanley from Say yes to Hoboken
Merrilee Liddiard from Mer Mag
Rachel Faucett from Handmade Charlotte
Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind
Amy Turn Sharp from Doobleh vay
Anya Shahidi from The New Diplomats Wife
Michelle Smith from
Jane Rhodes from See Jane Blog
Chrysula Winegar from
Shayna Kulik from
Ez Pudewa from Creature comforts
Carol Cho from Kollabora
Jill Marie Parrella Vaughn from Terrasavvy
Dana from
Rachel from Pencil Shavings

and so many more.........

The biggest snowflakes ever!!!!

Lovely gifts for all!

Ooh La La with The Girls with Glasses

Apparently baking is fabulous!!

Fun at the Rue La La party

Taking it all in

Winter White fun!

With Patricia Zapata from A Little Hut.

The amazing Anya from Project Runway