Tassel Love DIY....

I am super obsessed with neon and tassels at the moment and was excited to work on the idea of combining both of my obsessions into one project...a Tassel necklace.

First things first, this is what we need to get started. Twine is from the Home Depot, chain is thrifted
and the rest of the supplies are readily available at any craft store....you also need a hot glue gun.

Fold your twine in lengths of around 6 inches. Fold it around ten times.

 Take another small piece of twine and tie it in the middle of your bundle. I did a double knot and added a dot of hot glue to keep the knot secure.

Fold the bundle on half and with another small piece of twine, wrap it 4 or 5 times around the top of the tassel

secure it in place with a dob of hot glue

It should look like this one above.

Trim the bottom of the tassel to your desired length.

Go on, make a bunch!

Take your large jump rings and using pliers, attach them through the very top of the tassel

Now attach the tassel to the chain with pliers

Add all of the different colors and Voila...Done!!!