Anatomy of a craft nook

So, Ruby (10) is a manic crafter. Unfortunately her crafting craziness was spreading like a virus all over our house. Glue gun in the kitchen, glitter in the dining room, little piles of paper scraps strewn across my office. Everyone knows that I love the creativity, I just don't love the cleanup. I had always resisted taking the crafting into her bedroom. In my mind, Ruby's bedroom should be a calming , soothing space for rest (who was I kidding with that!)
We live in an odd shaped Cape Cod cottage and her room, although quaint and cute, had a nutty little nook that was a headache to try and find a use for. After much pestering, I finally agreed to turn the nook into a little crafting central.

Yesterday, when I was attempting to tidy her room, I took a really good look at the little space she has created (with the help of handy hubby) I really paid attention to now she set it up, the things she displayed and the creative abandon with which she made things. You see, I have been so busy lately traveling and writing, that I really hadn't paid enough attention to what she was doing in her space.
Of couse I had to pull out my camera and capture it right then and there, unstyled, glitter scattered but still organized the way a 10 year old likes it.

We read our design magazines and pore over the design blogs, oohing and aahing over other peoples perfectly styled spaces. Yesterday I kind of felt that way looking at the little slice of crafty heaven created by my girl!

Want to know Ruby's views on life, fashion and nail polish? Take a look at her blog.

Ruby and I made this shade, notice the baby sock on there!