Mollie Makes happiness!!

So, I have been a die hard fan of Mollie Makes magazine since its life began over a year ago. My little monthly treat has been to order copies directly from the UK. A little pricey but always worth it.
It certainly made me do a little happy dance when I saw the mag for sale at my local Barnes and Noble store.
Mollie Makes is like a little piece of creative heaven for me, sometimes I feel that it was produced just for me, every gorgeous little thing in it's pages beckon me to work harder, think more creatively and reaffirm the  path I have chosen for myself...High praise for a magazine right? Well worth the praise in my opinion!
I sent off a few words about my space many months ago and was beyond thrilled to be contacted by the magazine recently to have my studio in their My Space section. I always loved that page, I really love any opportunity to peek into the world of creative women! Lucky for me, Kristen Gardner from Kristen Gardner Photography was able to capture the feel of my studio perfectly!

Well the mag just came out in the UK and on Itunes!! How great is that?
Of course I purchased a copy...
Thanks Mollie Makes!!