Wrapping outside of the box..

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to celebrate the birthday of two very sweet little boys! I decided that instead of adding to the boys toy collections, I would make something! I ended up making some little prints of their names with an old rubber printing set I found at an antique store here in town.

In the spirit of handmade, I really wanted to steer away from traditional wrapping and decided to make a simple felt case for the prints. Not only would the felt help keep the prints safe, the case could be reused to house a special book or maybe as storage for Wyatt and Hayden's art collections!

I really love to use Wool felt for my projects but you could use any type that you have on hand.

Your measurement totally depend on the size of the frame or book that you are wrapping
Measure the frames (or book) and sew down the edges of two pieces of felt. I allowed for about 1/2 an inch of wiggle room on each side. Trim your edges with a pair of pinking shears and you are done.

My frames were large so I needed to add a stripe on the top, I kinda like it that way!