Lotta Jansdotter surface printing class..

So last weekend I headed of solo for New York City.I had managed to snag a precious couple of days  by myself to attend Lotta's workshop and hang out in the city. Amazingly, despite my total lack of direction and overwhelming fear of the subway system, I managed to get myself to Brooklyn and to her beyond gorgeous studio. It was like stepping into a serene Scandinavian dream. White walls, high ceilings and Lotta's gorgeously printed goodies everywhere. In the back of the space is her studio workspace, everything I imagined it to be!
We started the workshop using potatoes, carved our own stamps and ended with Stencils. I think I am always trying to make things harder for myself when it comes to designs and projects, this workshop taught me the beauty in keeping it simple.

I certainly learned some great tips and tricks for some workshops in our new studio (happy Dance)
Keep an eye on her website for upcoming workshops, it is so worth the trip!