Sunday Spotlight - Elroy Ink

I am always on the lookout for really great Graphic Design, an image that really speaks to me . Quite often it is the colors and a certain playfulness that will really reel me in. 
Right now I am really loving the work of Elroy Ink aka Ken Lawson.
More exciting is the fact That he is also the husband of one of my friends from childhood who I have manage to find again through the wonders of Facebook (Yay for facebook!)

Here is a bit about him from the man himself!

Hello, I’m Elroy. I'm a designer based on the surf coast of Victoria, Australia. Currently I'm working on more abstract, hand-drawn ideasI grew up in Tasmania, and after finishing school I ventured to the UK and Europe. In my early twenties I moved to Melbourne, studied design and joined a rock 'n' roll band (not sure it was exactly in that order!). The band was called Oscarlima and we released several records on an indie label. These days I work as a graphic designer and do mainly corporate work, but I much prefer creating art on my own terms - that is, without a brief. Whilst Elroy ink aims to express something that is quintessentially me, it's also important to me that my work is accessible enough to find a place in other people's hearts.

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