ALT Summit lessons

Not only was ALT NYC a pinch me, amazingly crazy experience what with all the Martha Stewart loveliness around was also amazing to learn from some of the most influential women in the blogging world.
Alessandra Gutierrez, moi, Emily Meyer, Heather Ross

The keynote speech from Tina Roth Eisenberg from Swiss Miss resonated the most with me for so many reasons
Here is an amazing recap of the speech from the talented designer Sarah Tolzmann from Notes to self blog. (Hop over to her blog and download the PDF )

Every one of these points resonated for me on so many levels, I kind of feel like they have all been part my journey.

What few may not know is that I have been on my creative journey for the past 13 years. I did not just decide to start a blog and a studio out of the blue!
My super talented mother in law taught me how to sew when my son was born 13 years ago...I worked hard to create a small business sewing and designing baby items and eventually clothing for kids. It was a wonderful experience and it made me realize how fulfilled I felt when I was creating something with my own hands. I moved to the United States when my son was 3 and my daughter was 1, and during this time I continued sewing and selling on ebay. My focus was on raising my children but creativity was definitely what I needed to maintain my sanity in a new country with no family and friends and a forever working husband.
I ended up moving to a very small town with my family and began to make some friends and feel part of a community. I was still sewing regularly, waiting for the day that I would finally be granted a work permit and be able to legally pursue my creative dreams.
When that day came, I was excited to collaborate with a local business and therein started my sewing classes for children. That partnership sadly did not work out for me (as is the case for many partnerships) I can honestly say that the experience broke me for several months, I sank into a depression that darkened my days until the realization came that I could continue and go on and that my enthusiastic and happy faced sewing girls wanted me to keep teaching them.
I taught only a handful of girls to start, I was happy with that at the time. Never did I imagine that the demand would be so high. That is when hubbie and I stared thinking about creating a studio out of our little garage.....Little Pincushion studio was born.
I started the studio for myself and for the extreme happiness and joy that my work gives me.
Moving to my new large studio space and partnering with the most amazingly creative and inspirational woman I have met in a long time is a dream realized.....a progression in my 13 year journey of hard work and perseverance.

Our creative studio, is a place that makes me joyous, if there was ever a time in my life where I felt creatively complete it is now!

What makes you feel creatively complete?