My New Book!!

So I am so excited to finally talk about the gigantic project I have been working on for the past year! My friends and family have been along for the ride but I haven't really been able to go into too much detail about it until NOW!!!

For the past 12 months, I have been working on a project that has truly been a labor of love for me.
I think the title of the book says it all...We love to sew!
I have been so creatively fulfilled and have enjoyed teaching sewing to all of my amazing kids so much,  that writing this book was a natural progression.
The book is jam packed with 30 projects suitable for kids ages 8 and up and includes the very projects that I have taught my students! It is gorgeously photographed by the amazing and talented Kristen Gardner....I simply cannot wait to have the first copy in my hands!

Stay tuned for giveaways and more details as the exciting date approaches!

We love to Sew will be widely available in April in the United States and in Australia and The UK in May........ It is available for Preorder on Amazon right now...yay!