Sewing with boys.

As I sat waiting for the arrival of my very first boys sewing (machine) class, I won't lie, I was pretty darn nervous!
Would the studio seem too girly for them? Would they totally NOT be into sewing once they saw what was involved? Was all the pink making them nauseous?

Was I ever wrong!

Teaching these two sweet boys was certainly a whole new experience for me, one that was honestly fantastic, excellent, awesome and a whole string more happy words.
They were absolutely tickled to work on a machine, were fascinated by the workings of all the parts, listened to all the instructions happily and handled the machines with the respect they deserve (no race car driving here!)

We decided that we would work on a belt (ahem...twine) system, and today, they well and truly earned their neon pink sewing belt!

So here is my plan, I am going to open up a regular boys sewing class and see what happens.
I mean what boy wouldn't want to make...super hero cape, hockey pillow, sports bag, shorts for the beach, dog outfit, nifty wristbands?

Are you interested in a class for your crafty boy?