Pure Improv with Denyse Schmidt.

Ruby and I were so lucky to attend Denyse's Pure Improv workshop in Bridgeport this past weekend. It was such a treat not only to take the class, but also to share the experience with Ruby (age 11)
 I love that she was bubbling with excitement for the days leading up to the weekend. It truly was her version of a Bieber concert. She was so worried that she would say the wrong thing or look silly in front of Denyse...it was very sweet to watch.
How to describe the class? It was more of an unlearning process for me, as a person obsessed with matching seams and sewing with perfect symmetry. In my world, everything is cut measured and cut again until it is perfect. It took a little bit of time but by the second hour of the workshop we were free styling our block making and loving every minute.

I do admit that I unpicked a block at least 5 times before realizing that it was the imperfections that made it beautiful.
For Ruby it was a fabulous learning experience. Luckily for her, she is not bound by rules and notions of perfection, so her work was beautifully creative and adventurous.
Not only was she way ahead of me in the sewing portion, she was also way ahead of me in the design portion as well. She delighted in ignoring every little bit of advice I gave her and glared at me whenever I dared interrupt her work.....I loved every minute of her focused concentration.

We were both so sad when the day was over but excited to get to spend the next day with Denyse in her lovely little world by the sea.