Crafty World Camp..

I missed teaching like crazy while I was back home in Australia and couldn't wait to get back to work...some may say a little soon (I am am still a jet lagged mess!)
This week I ran a mini tween workshop where we focused on  crafts influenced by the traditional crafts of other countries. Both classes ran for 3 1/2 hours and I can honestly say that these girls worked like crazed crafters getting their work finished...they barely touched their Pizza!

First up we took a look at beautiful Polish paper chandeliers known as Pajaki. Normally made with straw and paper flowers, ours were made with rolled card stock, fake rose petals , tissue paper and a few poms. The resulting chandeliers were staggering in their beauty and creativity...each a little insight into each students personality!

Day two saw us looking at the intricately decorated textiles of Hill Tribes of Thailand. The amazing use of Pompoms, beads and embroidery had us excited! The girls took the idea and and reinterpreted it in their own style. The resulting bags used a mixture of painted cross stitch, simple embroidery and the addition of trim here, there and everywhere!
I am planning to run a few more World crafting workshops throughout the year, give me a shout if you think your child would like to participate!

The thing I love the most about teaching children is the amazing creativity that can be seen when you give a child a basic concept and then let them run wild with the design. #bestjobever

Ruby's creation has pride of place at our house!