Feeling Quilty.

I have never considered myself to be a Quilter. I have made plenty of quilts and have even taught the basics in my classes but I have never truly felt like I could call myself a quilter.

 I am feeling the tides shift. After I went to QuiltCon last year, I started to get this feeling of longing when I looked at the quilts on display...the feeling of oooh, I really, really want to learn to do that, mixed in with I could never do that!
Next step, Denyse Schmidt's Pure Improv class. To learn that you can create a quilt with such delicious abandon was a freeing experience. Then I was a friend’s home and got my hands on the Gee's Bend book and truly could not put it down.
I realized that I should just not be so scared to go for it!
So here I am, a new member of the DC Modern Quilt guild, a new blade in my Rotary Cutter, a big lovely piece of batting on the wall, a vintage skirt as my inspiration and a wide open mind to do whatever I want, no matter how nutty, and totally be OK with it!

Maybe one day I could call myself a quilter, who knows!

I'll share my progress with you...stay tuned!