Mood Boards.

I am a big believer in using mood/inspiration boards when I am working on a project. I love the process of collecting things that speak to me, whether it is a scrap of fabric or a photograph that evokes a feeling ! I am loving the idea of encouraging kids to use mood boards. Let's face it, kids are pretty picky when it comes to choosing things for their room and play spaces, especially as our kids move into teenager-dom. Ruby has a paint swatch on her wall and is obsessively discussing what shade of mint we should paint her room!
I thought that creating a workshop to make mood boards may be a fun idea and I think my students agreed. I gave the girls total freedom to explore all of my baskets of trim, pompoms, fabric scraps, magazines (just not the old Domino's, blueprints or cookies) Lets just say, it looked like a fabric/paper/paint bomb went off that day.....but I loved every minute of the controlled chaos!

They are pretty gorgeous don't you think?