Festive Antler Headband

We are slowly creeping our way into the holiday season and this time of year always means crafty get togethers! This year I got together with Alessandra Gutierrez  of Tribal Times and we came up with a sweet little craft for you! A festive antler headband, perfect for those holiday pictures! This is a simple craft to do with the kiddos while sipping hot chocolate and listening to holiday tunes
Materials List:
-Martha Stewart crafter’s clay
-hot glue gun
-tacky glue
Step 1:
Roll the clay in your hands till it becomes malleable and shape it into an antler shape. It is easy to make three little rolls and attach them all together to make the shape.  Let them air dry overnight. 
Step 2: 
Using your tacky glue, apply a small amount where you would like the glitter to be. If you prefer a more natural look just leave them the original clay color. Hot glue into place on the headband. That's it!